Watch our How-To Mini Writing Celebration!
The students broke up into groups of 3 and took turns teaching each other the subject of their published How-To book. The topics ranged from how to bake a cupcake to how to watch TV! The students were creative with their books, and in turn the listeners were creative with how they acted out each step. The videos are a little hard to hear, but really adorable! =)

Our Authors as Mentors Unit....
Our Kevin Henkes Bookshelf - FIlled with Mentor Texts!

Using Kevin Henkes' amazing books we are learning to make our writing better! We study the craft moves he uses in his work and try them out for ourselves. This leads to more interesting, creative, and thoughtful writing!

Our Revision Unit Bulletin Board....

As part of our celebration for this unit, the students helped me create this amazing bulletin board. They chose their favorite piece of revision work for this unit and decided which category of revision it fell into. The pieces on display only scratch the surface of the hard work put into this unit!